Company Profile

KSA Electric Nigeria Limited is an electrical design, erection and installation company incorporated in Nigeria and Germany. Prior to its incorporation, the company had existed with its principal staff who had worked in Nigeria and Germany since 1992 for and in partnership with public and private sectors, covering state governments and international firms.

We equally possess the facilities and resources for handling electrical engineering projects in the following scope:

  • Urban electrification
  • House installation
  • Electrical infrastructure
  • Power distribution
  • Street lighting
  • Public address system
  • Solar solution
  • High tension

Operational Environment

KSA Electric recognizes a major supply side shortage of electrical energy in Nigeria, as well as inadequacy of local capacity to meet the urgent need of an emerging infrastructure and services market and intends to bridgd the gap, in order to attain lofty development goals. Our knowledge of local and international conditions, techniques, technologies and operations enable us to provide quality services and meet our client's requirements.

Mission Settlement

KSA Electric Nigeria Ltd. aims to provide world class electrical services to assist Nigeria in the quest to join the most advanced economies in the world.

Vision Statement

To emerge as a key player in Nigeria's exploration for global competitiveness by providing standard services and developing local capacity in electrical engineering solution.


KSA Electric strength lies on our highly competent electrical engineers who have worked in a diversity of major electrical engineering projects in Nigeria and all over the globe, providing efficient solutions in electricity, energy, power distribution and maintenance services.

Some of our staff business experience with international contractors includes:

  • Julius Berger
  • Bouygues
  • Alcatel
  • HUK Coburg
  • En BW Kraftwerke AG
  • Globacom
  • Sagem
  • Philipp Holzmann
  • S.C.C.
  • Setraco
  • German Army (Beratergruppe der Bundeswehr in Nigeria)
  • Edile Construction

Quality assurance is placed on all project activities, particularly professional expertise, which is fundamental to long-term project quality. We give top priority to human reliability, because the quality of services provided by our firm is closely related to and determined by human performance.